Hooray Fall is in the air and good news abounds in the Deerfield Valley

Today is the last day of Summer and we're all enjoying the end of season warm temperatures, but also looking forward to Columbus Day festivities (aka: Vermont's Indigenous People's Day.) I've seen some really gorgeous reds and oranges on the trees already. Peak foliage is just around the corner so if you haven't booked your autumnal tour of the Green Mountains, and most especially the Deerfield Valley, now is the time to start planning your trip to the apple orchards, pumpkin fields and corn mazes. Touring properties for sale is another spectacular way to spend the mild days here and ensures you've got plenty of time to close on that amazing Vermont property you've been dreaming about before the snow flies. The next best thing about fall after apple cider donuts is that winter follows! Mount Snow is hard at work finishing up their capital improvements, including the new pump house with increased snow making capacity and a wider Long John trail. If that's not the best news you've heard lately then you've never spent any time on the previously narrow portion of the beginner trail. The excitement will continue to build as winter nears and hopefully in a future post I'll have more happy news about big fluffy snowfalls in the forecast. Until then Happy Fall!

Using the Internet to Shop for a New Home

There's more information on the Internet than in the entire collection of the U.S. Library of Congress. (And that's the largest library in the world!) So it makes sense to use the Internet as a resource when shopping for a new [...]

Stratton Mountain sale

Hello Skiers!  Looks like Stratton Mountain will be getting some upgrades in a year or so.  There are mixed emotions from people whether ski area conglomerates are good or bad.  It seems that either way, they are continuing to happen.  I think Stratton will get some needed new systems, unfortunately not until 2018-2019 and beyond.  As part of Intrawest, Stratton Mountain along with Snowshow, Steamboat, Winter Park, Tremblant, and Blue Mountain will be a part of an even larger (still to be named) ski company.  This ski and real estate company will also include Aspen, Squa Valley, Alpine Meadows, Canadian Mountain Holidays (a heli-ski company), Mamouth, Snow Summit, Bear Mountain, and June Mountain.  The holding companies that are the new owners are KSL Capital and Henry Crown and Co.  Let's hope this adds many exciting opportunities to visit these other ski areas and it adds some advanced technologies to Stratton's snowmaking, grooming, lifts and overall ski experience!  

Vermont Real Estate Market update

I believe we are seeing some growth in the real estate market EVEN IN Southern Vermont.  Country wide we are hearing news of increases in real estate sales, new listings going under contract with-in a day, people getting very close to their asking price, even bidding wars.   We are usually buffered from the big swings in real estate (a good [...]

Summer Adventures in Vermont

Looking for summer time fun??!! Try ZOAR OUTDOOR Whitewater Rafting adventure down the Deerfield River into western Massachusetts.  Its an awesome fun filled day on the water with professional guides or experience the fun on the Deerfield River in your own canoe or kayak!!! Check out their website for rafting, zipline, tours, lodging, [...]

How to approve your curb appeal


Summer Flowers and Landscaping to Improve Your Curb Appeal


My newest hobby is gardening, and I have a new found appreciation for the hard work involved in creating a beautiful outside space around your home. I had no idea that I would spend just as much time googling how to grow and strengthen my plants as I do digging in the dirt with the [...]

Breaking Ground!!!!

As a Mount Snow skier I could not be more excited about the brand new 38,000 sq ft lodge that the resort owners just broke ground on at Carinthia, except I am! As an owner of a condo in Glen Run that runs alongside the Grommet Trail and along the base of the Carinthia area I am more than ecstatic about the new services that will be right in [...]

Fire Safety in Your Home

FIRE Safety in the HOME:


Vermont Department of Public Safety ~ Division of Fire Safety


The Law requires that a Certification of Compliance is executed by both seller and buyer  at the time of property closing and transfer of ownership. The certification basically states the [...]

2016 NAR Vacation Home Buyer Survey

The stats below are from the 2016 NAR Vacation Home Buyers Survey

In 2016 the share of buyers who purchased a primary home rose for the 3rd year to 70% from 65%. The share of vacation home buyers dropped for the 3rd straight year to 12% from 16%. FYI, the decline puts the share at the historical average for the data collected since 2003. The [...]