Notes From Don Koelsch

2016 NAR Vacation Home Buyer Survey

The stats below are from the 2016 NAR Vacation Home Buyers Survey

In 2016 the share of buyers who purchased a primary home rose for the 3rd year to 70% from 65%. The share of vacation home buyers dropped for the 3rd straight year to 12% from 16%. FYI, the decline puts the share at the historical average for the data collected since 2003. The [...]

Home Selling Stats

I thought it would be interesting to share some statistics from the NAR (National Association of Realtors) on trying to sell your home yourself. It’s a little eye opening, especially the selling price you get selling your home yourself, as compared to what you get listing with and agent. Feel free to contact one of  use at HDVRE if you have [...]

We Work For You

I got an email the other day after sending a list of homes I thought would work for my customer:

“How come when you give a realtor a budget to work with they always kinda wanna "push it" a little? If I tell you that I'm good up to X amount then don't show me $20,000 OVER that amount. That annoys me. I wasn't full of (swear word) when I gave [...]

Making Improvements & Repairs for the Seller


Before I got into real estate I was a builder. As a teenager in Vermont, you had to find something to do in the summer if you wanted money for your winter activities. I tried restaurants, golf courses, land surveying and sales. I never liked the idea of reporting to a ?boss?, so I hung out with builders and picked up a few things here and [...]

Spring Update

The flow of new listings in the Valley (Whitingham, Wilmington, Dover and Wardsboro) is steadily climbing since the 1st of the month (April) when 40 properties were put on the market.  


Buyer activity continued to be strong, however, with 23 more properties being sold since April 1, 2015.


The average time those 23 listings were on the [...]

Some questions your Realtor should be asking:

Why are you buying and is now the right time? Learning WHY you are buying a home at this specific time is very helpful in tailoring your real estate agents services to fit your needs.? It will also help them determine how many hours they can expect to work.? For instance, some people may be looking for a REALTOR? way before they begin the [...]


At one time or another every homeowner will need to repair, update or just make some changes to their home. Depending on your skill level and the time you are able to invest, you may need to hire a professional. One of the most important factors is that you and your contractor communicate and you both have the same vision of the finished [...]