Notes From Steve Goldfarb



WOW!!  What a great foliage season this has been.  Some of the best colors I've seen in years and it has lasted a few weeks!  Last months full moon saw 6 of us Stand Up Paddle Boarding under the bright moonlight on Grout Pond.  This months full moon rose with some spectacular shades of orange and then changed over to a bright white!  I [...]

Summer in Vermont

Well, the weather is teasing us already! ?40s at night warm sunshine during the day. We're enjoying water sports, biking and hiking. The local mountains are running chairlift rides and amusement parks, the local camps doing lacrosse, tennis, and soccer are winding down and schools are gearing up. People are lining up their winter rentals or [...]

Rain, Rain GO Away!

While lots of rain continues to hit the north east, luckily most of it is happening at night. ?Days on the lakes, in the woods and on the links are pretty fine! ?The temps range from the nice mud 80's to the 60's at night. ?No need for AC even! ?Real estate seems to picking up a bit. ?With many properties on the market now is a great time to [...]

Spring into Summer in Vermont

While general real estate in our area is remaining sluggish but still moving a bit at a time, The Hermitage Club has had a positive impact on bringing buyers for properties both on Haystack Mountain AND in close proximity to the mountain and golf course. If you're like me and LOVE SUMMER IN VT, I'm hopeful for a great one! It has been a bit [...]