Blog :: 11-2010

Burning of the Old Andirons Suites

Question: What do you do for fun in West Dover on a weekend in November before Mount Snow is open ? Answer: Burn The Andirons Suites! On the weekend of November 13th Rich Caplan the new owner of The Andirons donated the suites building to the West Dover Fire Department for training. Fire squads from as far away as Hartford and Nashua [...]

Buying a Home? Here is the new Bedroom Definition

NEW BEDROOM DEFINITON ADOPTED JUNE 9, 2010 (In part) Section 202:????? Bedroom means: (A)? any room in a residential structure that is susceptible to present or future use as a private sleeping area, and that has at least: (i)????????????????? one window; (ii)??????????????? one closet: and (iii)?????????????? one [...]