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Buying a Home? Here is the new Bedroom Definition

NEW BEDROOM DEFINITON ADOPTED JUNE 9, 2010 (In part) Section 202: Bedroom means: (A) any room in a residential structure that is susceptible to present or future use as a private sleeping area, and that has at least: (i) one window; (ii) one closet: and (iii) one interior method of entry and exit, excluding closets and bathrooms, allowing the room to be closed off from the remainder of the residence for privacy; or (B) any room within a building or structure that actually serves primarily as sleeping quarters. (C) On a case by case basis, the North Branch Fire District #1 may determine that a room not meeting the criteria of subsection (8)(A) of this section shall be deemed to be a bedroom after consideration of the following criteria: (i) whether the room has a history of use as a bedroom; (ii) whether the size of the room is similar to other bedrooms in the residential structure or is consistent with room sizes customarily used for bedrooms: (iii) whether the room is located within the residential dwelling in an area customarily used for sleeping; (iv) whether the room is in fairly close proximity to bathroom facilities; (v) whether the room affords a level of privacy customarily expected for a bedroom; (vi) whether the room has been, or could be, marketed as a bedroom; and (vii) whether there are any other factors which could support a deter- mination that the room is not a bedroom. (D) A bedroom shall be used for sleeping spaces which shall be defined as a bed or other sleeping device used or needed to sleep one adult. For illustrative purposes only, a single bed is one sleeping space while a queen size bed is two sleeping spaces. (E) At a minimum, a bedroom is a two (2) person sleeping space, a den is a one (1) person sleeping space, a loft is a one (1) person sleeping space, a pull-out sofa is a two (2) person sleeping space and a futon is a two (2) person sleeping space. Any sleeping spaces over and above what is described in this paragraph will be considered additional sleeping spaces. Final sleeping space count is determined by an actual inspection of the North Branch Fire District #1. (F) At the time of a property transfer, or refinance closing, a new owner will Sign a new sleeping space affidavit stating that at the time of transfer he/she agrees with the number of bedrooms and sleeping spaces.

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