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Spring Update

The flow of new listings in the Valley (Whitingham, Wilmington, Dover and Wardsboro) is steadily climbing since the 1st of the month (April) when 40 properties were put on the market.  


Buyer activity continued to be strong, however, with 23 more properties being sold since April 1, 2015.


The average time those 23 listings were on the market was 347.17 days (With one being on the market for 10 days and another for 3 years.) Listings that have been on the market for long periods of time starting to sell can only mean the market is getting better or prices are being adjusted to reflect what buyers are willing to pay. If your house has been on the market a while, with little or no activity, then you may want to change either the location or the price. Call you Realtor and see what they recommend you do.


It's hard to say what will come the next few weeks.  When will summer crowds start visiting the Deerfield Valley? Typically there is a nice number of visitors for Memorial Day weekend, and then a big flow of visitors as schools start their summer break.  That could be a long break for the real estate market, unless visitors decide to take advantage of the low interest rates, great inventory or motivated sellers.  Just how strong is demand?  The next month will be a real test.

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