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Deerfield Valley SOuthern Vermont Valley, Winter is Almost Here!

Winter is almost here! Before we get too excited for the upcoming snow season, I will touch upon the summer.  We have had many open houses with great turn-outs, showing us that the valley in the summertime has been very active.  Between all the summer festivities and local farmers markets, it demonstrates that southern VT is not just all about the winter sports! There is so much that this valley has to offer, and it is wonderful to see people pleasantly surprised and keep coming back for more.  Now, September marks the end of summer as nights get a little cooler, reminding us that the joys of winter are coming.  Our office celebrated a great season of selling over $10 million of real estate since June with a Doobie Brothers concert hosted at The Hermitage Club.  It was a great time and an amazing turnout! We are all excited and hopeful for what the winter will bring. We look forward to helping people discover the same love that we have for this valley! 


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