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It?s The perfect time of year to List your property for sale

Have you been thinking of selling??  Would you like to know the value of your property?? 

Give us a call - it's a free service we provide - Comparative Market Analysis - CMA.


This involves our taking a walk-through of your property, gathering property information and conducting a survey of homes that are on the market, or have recently sold, that are similar to yours.  We'll advise you on the additional value of your home's unique features, and factor that into the equation.  We'll discuss the current market inventory and correct pricing of your property, depending upon how anxious you are to sell (how rapidly you need to close), suggest a slower strategy or a price designed to sell immediately.


When listing with our office, we'll provide you with our years of experience and valued advice.  Is your house physically fit? We'll provide you with insight on what you can expect from a home inspection. We'll review trouble areas in the home that may need to be fixed prior to listing. We'll discuss staging your home and property.  The way you present your property to prospective buyers can make all the difference between success and failure. Intangibles often help a sale - the way the light reflects off a gleaming table in a bay window can make buyers realize what they wanted all along was a house with a bay window in the kitchen.


Without investing in expensive and time consuming renovations and redecorating projects, it's still possible to show your home to its very best advantage. There are a lot of easy, inexpensive ways to put a shine on it and enhance its overall desirability, making your home look its very best!! 


Also, to be successful in selling your property, is our ability to market and advertise.  We have the proven marketing tools for selling success!! 

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