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How to approve your curb appeal

Summer Flowers and Landscaping to Improve Your Curb Appeal

My newest hobby is gardening, and I have a new found appreciation for the hard work involved in creating a beautiful outside space around your home. I had no idea that I would spend just as much time googling how to grow and strengthen my plants as I do digging in the dirt with the worms. I'm an impatient person so I just want to dive right into the dirt and start planting, but after many failed attempts to grow certain seeds and starter plants I realized that there is a science to gardening and similar to baking if you ignore the instructions your end result will not be pleasing or productive. What I've learned in my short tenure is that gardening gloves are a must and if you saw my fingertips in the first month of spring you'd know I learned that the hard way.  I could blog all day on my personal experience, but more handy I thought would be to share with you some of the resources I've discovered in our wonderful valley that are available to newbie gardeners like me and also name some of the professionals that can do the dirty work for you allowing you to just enjoy the beautiful blooms that can surround your home.


Local Landscaping and Nursery Services:


Black Diamond Tree Service

(802) 464-3603


Boyd Family Farm

(802) 464--5618


The Garden Center



Landscape Construction

(802) 297-2089


Homestead Landscaping

(802) 297-1107


I'd say call me with any questions, but we better stick to the real estate ones!


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