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New rules for Above Ground Storage Tanks!

New Rules for Aboveground Storage Tanks -

Homeowners will have until July 31, 2020 to schedule their first inspection by their fuel distributor and after the first inspection must have their tanks inspected once every three years.

The red-tag rule will help prevent costly spills of heating oil from aboveground storage tanks. Homeowners whose heating oil tanks are red-tagged may be eligible for up to $2,000 to replace indoor tanks and up to $3,000 for outdoor tanks. The new rule will require all tanks to be inspected at least once every three years.  Systems must also be inspected after a new installation, after first fill of a new installation, and whenever the customer changes fuel distributor.

The following five conditions are considered unsafe and will result in a red tag:

  • Unstable foundation;
  • Uncoated or un-sleeved piping from the tank to the heating appliance, which could corrode if in contact with soil or concrete and cause a release;
  • Unequal fill and vent pipe size, which could lead to over-pressurization of the system;
  • No vent whistle, which could lead to an overfill of a tank because the person delivering fuel cannot be sure when the tank is approaching capacity; and
  • Poor tank condition such as excessive rust, leaks, weeps, drips. These are all signs that a tank needs to be replaced.

If a tank is unsafe to fill, inspectors are required to put a red tag on the tank. The inspector will also notify the owner of the repairs that are necessary to resume fuel delivery.

New tanks and relocated tanks must be placed on a concrete pad or other solid foundation approved by the state.  An existing tank sitting on an unstable foundation must be stabilized but will not require a solid concrete foundation until 2030.


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